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So I broke down...

It took, what? A little more than 12 hours... but I bought BoA, the Live! Lack of Jewel Song be damned. Though it might actually be there, because the little preview thing I saw before the DVD had Love Bug and Quincy being performed, and neither of those things was on the 'track list' that yesasia provided. Does it really matter? BoA, the Live!!!! Meri Kuri sounds so beautiful with a piano instead of a guitar. Better than the guitar. That's right. Better than the guitar. And the guy who plays the piano has the piano that says 'BoA, the Live!' on it in gold, damn I want that piano. Not that I could ever play it, but, you know... BoA piano.

I've also regulated myself to, in all likelihood, never finding a decent group with which to join. I will continue to look and look and look (and look and look), but, as it has yet to happen, I have severe doubts that it ever will. And this makes me sad. So very sad. If I weren't such a picky bastard life would be much easier, but I am, so this is the burden that I am forced to endure on a daily basis. Who knows, maybe I will. Maybe I will...