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BoA kicks ass Live. And her English is actually quite decent now. She did a cover of Ain't No Sunshine, which kicked so much ass!!! I'm on the fence about buying 'BoA, the Live!' It's only going to be 50 bucks over at yesasia, but... I looked at the track listing. No Jewel Song?!? BoA, how could you do that to me? Jewel Song is our song, my beloved. It is the song that means the most to me out of everything you do. And knowing that you did not do that song does hurt me. Granted, you give me Everlasting, Moon and Sunrise, Winter Love and Meri Kuri so you probably didn't want to throw another ballad my way, but Jewel Song is not just 'another ballad' it is OUR BALLAD!!!! I'm probably going to be getting the DVD anyway, because you own me, but I can still mourn...