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I got Made in 20!!!

I like it. I mean, it's a BoA album, so its pretty much a given that I'm going to like it... but I LIKE IT!!! It even has an all English Cover Version of Last Christmas. That's the last track, so I'm one track away from it. AND, the DVD comes with a mini-concert deal. Guess what I'm going to be watching after I listen to all of this? I also have my TRAX album that I will listen to once I do my reading for Tracy's class.

It feels good to be all caught up on my reading. Well, I'm not 'all caught up,' but I'm not behind in the classes where doing the assigned reading is important! Which is all my classes, except for Paul's class because he doesn't care if you don't do the reading for his class. No sir, he does not. Though the next story is a paltry 10 pages, so I think I can manage that.