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And no, I'm not doing that to copy Hiro. I've been saying Yatta since the days of Chun-Li, before whatever the fuck his name is even pondered making Heroes. Anyway, back to the point. I did it! (Okay, so that kind of sounds like Hiro. Getting off track!) Well, I kinda did it. It isn't flawless, sadly, but I can use IE and get updates on windows by signing on with a different login to my computer. I turned it on this morning and then it says 'welcome to windows 2000' and I'm like, what the fuck? Then, I do what it says... and it doesn't show any of my downloaded stuff. For a moment, I cower in fear, thinking that I may have lost all my videos, mostly fearing losing the BoA. But I check my memory, and it says that the computer has so much space left available to it, and more than half of it is taken, so I know the stuff is still there. And then I log back in under the 'default' account, and I see BoA's face as my wallpaper. Life is indeed good when BoA greets me. So, yes, everything is not perfect, but I am content. And I did it all by myself! Go me!