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The boredom, she is not so great...

In fact, she taunts me. As do my copies of Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Set got the last one at the EB in town, baby!), my myriad DVDs, my DSL (I can't think of anything to youtube!!! WHY!?!), and so on and so forth. Times like this make me wish I had an MMORPG to play, though I'm not exactly desperate enough to sell my soul to the demon that is WoW quite yet. Did I mention how pathetic Best Buy was on Tuesday? An entire Burning Crusades display. So sad. So very sad. Or was it... no, it was Tuesday.

The door is open, in case any of my new neighbors wish to stop by and say hello. The only one I know is here came back to his room at about 6:15, methinks he got him some. That reminds me... the stupid bitch harpy calls me last night and says 'I need you to call me at 5 in the morning so we can wake up.' I call at 5 in the morning, they're already up. And then I couldn't go back to sleep. It caused me much anger. Stupid Harpy. Stupid, stupid Harpy.

My order that I placed at Yesasia.com yesterday has yet to be processed, I believe. I should check on that. It would make me very sad not to have it go through. I need BoA's new album!!! NEED IT!!!