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Net drama, part deux:

So, this morning, I was actually able to download the thing that will let me hook up to resnet, the student's free dsl thing. This is good, yes? yes. What is not so good is the fact that they only let me on for an hour because 'my system did not meet the requirements' or some shit. So I try and download the thing that will allow ' my system to meet the requirements,' but the page isn't responding at the moment. Now, I'm back at the computer lab just waiting for those bastards to open up their resnet fair at 10 so that I can be happy with life and start watching youtube again. Happy happy youtube. Happy happy!

Anyway, last night's Grey's? Heartbreak!!!! I wepted. Not massively, but I wepted. Especially at the end 'you can only be in the club when you're in the club.' And seeing everyone's faces when it happened. Damn, that shit was hardcore. Even though it involved George, the most loathed of male characters, it really didn't matter. And therein is why I continue to watch Grey's. When it does shit right, it does it damn good. Even when the characters I hate are the focus, as long as it is well written, I still feel it. When they shove stupid shit down my throat that basically involves the trio whining about this that or the other thing, I'm not happy. But when it is something I can, at least on some level, relate to or emphatize with? That's when the show is great.

I also like that 'ba ba bum ba ba bum' song, though I have no idea what its called and I really only like that part.

15 minutes till they open. How will I pass the time?