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And Daytime has lost one of its greats...

I checked soaptownusa a little while ago, and have recieved crushing news. Darlene Conley, better known around the world as Sally Spectra from the Bold and the Beautiful, has passed away, losing her battle with stomach cancer. Now, I don't know anything about her character, nor do I know much about the show she was on, but I can tell you one thing: I've always respected Darlene Conley. She just looked like this badass woman who had so much power. I knew that if I watched the show, I would fall in love with her in a heartbeat. I'll never get that chance now. I don't necessarily regret my choice, but it does make me sad to know what I will never get to do. It also sucks that she probably didn't die peacefully. It was barely announced a few months ago that she was battling cancer, so I assume the fight was just beginning. Regardless of my personal connection, I know that the entirety of Daytime has lost something because of Darlene's passing. Much in the same way as Anna Lee and the lady who played Mona Kane (Frances something or other? I'm not trying to be disrespectful, I just can't remember...).

To you, Darlene, I tip my proverbial hat.