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Seriously, though I love watching Thundercats over and over and over and over (and over X 17, because that's how many episodes I've watched in the last twenty four hours), there's more to life than watching said show. Once upon a time, I would not have believed it, but it is true. I'd be somewhat compelled to start up a T-Cats RPG if I knew it wouldn't tank (horrid leader, I am), and another Sunday has come by with much research on my part, looking for something interesting, only to come up with a whole lot of nothing.

I just have to keep on telling myself that I only have four more days here, counting today, and then I'm back to school with high speed internet, where I can at least youtube things if I get too bored. It really won't solve my problems. I know that. But it will help. Plus, I can, I don't know, just do other things. Being at school just makes life better, because I don't have to worry about things at all. Even if I'm worried about going back. Even if I already miss my ex-coworkers to death, I know it is the best thing to do. I just wish that the best thing to do wasn't also one of the most boring things to do.

At the very least, I have new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters to look forward to. Hells yeah! And, while I was forced to endure the NFL pregame show, I saw a commercial for Directv that had Christopher Lloyd as Doc. I felt bad for him. Poor guy, reduced to doing commercials for television companies. I guess we all should have known that it was going to happen as soon as we saw Angels in the Outfield, right? That's the death kneel right there. For him and Tony Danza. Poor Tony. Can he do anything to salvage his career in the world after Who's The Boss? With the expection of Danny Pintauro (who at least had a hilarious verbal Will and Grace appearance), everyone else has managed to do something good with their careers. Maybe not great, but good. And what's Tony got? The Tony Danza Show? Tony? The OTHER Tony Danza Show? Why am I rambling about Tony friggen Danza? Because, like I said, I'm bored. Leave me alone! Unless, of course, you can direct me in the direction of something that will hold my interest. In which case, please, come.