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13 episodes of Thundercats...

And it still hasn't gotten old! Go Thundercats! If I ever get to the point where I go and get an actual Wikipedia account, I'll probably spend a decent amount of time making Thundercat based articles, because they have sub-articles for the Mutants (sans Vultureman and Rataro) and Mumm-Ra, but not the Thundercats themselves? The fuck is up with that shit? Of course, that's just a theory. I'll probably never be motivated enough to do so.

Anyway, since I have time (because I was thinking that I would have something to write about today, but apparently that is not the case...), I'll talk about the latest episode of Grey's. Decent. It really was. It had good, character driven moments, which is exactly what I want out of a show. But I'll say this as I've said it before and I'll probably say it again: Izzie, get the fuck over it! When Bailey was like 'you could have made 400 dollars in interest just in the time it took to have this conversation' I just said 'that's right, stupid girl, go and cash the check!' And then she has a heart attack over it? Does she need to be so melodramatic? Though I do respect the fact that she's more than likely going to spend all that money helping people like bent over massively girl. A good way to spend Denny's money, helping other people.

The montage at the end was a good montage, too. It did the things that montages should do, it shows people just tied up in their own emotions, doing all their acting with their eyes and their actions instead of words. That's the immensely powerful way of doing it. The powers that be at Grey's understand that. Props to them. Also loving Callie, Alex, Bailey and the conversation between George and his dad. I still hate George for being an annoying, whining little bastard, but that moment with his dad was touching. Even if having it pretty much meant 'oh, dad's gonna die.'

Also being highly annoyed by Christina and Burke's little game. Its stupid and overplayed and needs to end. If Burke died tomorrow, I would not mourn. If Christina did, I would be sad for a little while, but I would still have Bailey. And then there's the ever boring saga of Meredith and Derek. Its fun to zone out for a few minutes whenever I see them on the television. Yes it is.