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Bored and stuff!

So, tonight is the New Years Eve celebration with girltype, which should be fun. But that doesn't start for six damned hours, so I'm seriously looking for something to kill the time, with highly disasterous results. As such, I present to you, the Top 10 Moments of Set's Life 2006!

10: SES 6th album
Why it's on the list: Because, like I said yesterday, SES is my all time favorite girl group ever. They might lose out to Fly to the Sky and Glay (maybe Glay), but in terms of being all girls, nobody has SES beat, and it will be damned hard for anyone to ever reach that. The funny part is that I learned about them after they broke up, and that will always make me sad. So, this announcement that they are going to make a new album makes me happy, because I'll actually be around for it instead of having to play catchup!
Why it isn't higher on the list: FBecause it is just announced by Shoo that it is going to happen eventually. They don't give me a date. Which means that it could take forever, and that is somewhat disappointing to me because I want to know when. Still, the prospect of a new SES album is better than nothing at all.
9: Nintendo DS Day
Why it's on the list: I, being a Nintendrone, and damned proud of it, have wanted a DS for quite some time, but never got around to getting one because money was a problem. Throw in my dillema of having no school for a semester and it created a cash boom, which in turn made it the perfect time for me to get a DS, and I did. And boy did I. In the 3 and a half months that I have had a DS, I have purchased 13 games for it, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. The only part that makes me sad is the fact that I *KNOW* Nintendo will release the Navy one here eventually, and then I'll have to buy that because it is just so damned beautiful.
Why it isn't higher on the list: For one, the fact is that I knew I was going to get it eventually. Sure, I didn't know I would spend that much money on it, but I knew it was going to come. Plus, a handheld, no matter how good, does not equate to a console. Just the way it goes.
8: Brand New Beat
Why it's on the list: For one simple reason: BoA's hair returned to style with this video. Sure, there was that part where it looked like crap, but the rest of the video it was the return of her most beautiful hair that I just want to run my hands through and then never wash my hands again. I suffered through bad hair for quite some time, hoping that it would return to form, and I was rewarded for my faithfulness.
Why it isn't higher on the list: Well, I could always go and see the other videos that had her good hair, and be happy with it. It was great that she returned to the good hair in current BoA form, but even if I needed to see the good hair before I could always do it with just the click of a video and she would reward me. Mmm, good hair.
7: Scott Clifton's year on GH
Why it's on the list: I love Scott Clifton. Most of you know that. It is a simple truth. I adore that boy and everything about him. I watch GH because of him, and I always find it disappointing that he is given very little to expand upon the potential that I know exists within both actor and character. Since 2004 (because I didn't really like him that much in 2003) I've been going 'why don't they give him something dramatic?' And they finally did. First with the virus storyline, which gave him some wonderful deathbed moments, and then with the abortion storyline which had him pleading and then crying on Georgie's shoulder. Sure, they've since thrown him down the tubes again, but those shining moments gave a glimpse of Scott's greatness, and his best shot at Emmy Gold since 2004.
Why isn't it higher on the list: In spite of the fact that Scott gave some damned fine performances, I don't think it was enough to give him the Emmy that I want him to have so badly and thing he deserves ever so much. The simple truth is that other soaps (Guiding Light in particular) give their younger actors dramatic roles and a center of attention all year around instead of just around summer all the damned time. This really hurts his chances, and makes me sad.
6: Brian's Solo Album
Why it's on the list: Brian Joo is my favorite male singer, bar none. He's a part of a group, with that ever wretched Fany creature who seems to take all the spotlight and who I was almost assured would have his own solo album before Brian ever did. And, even if Brian had the chance to have a solo album, I was pretty certain it would predominately feature rap instead of actual singing. Lo and behold, The Brian is announced and it will be an old style pop album with ballads and the like. Cue a very, very happy Set. Not only did he show it to Fany, but it doesn't have rap. I would have gotten it regardless, but at least this time I know I can truly support it in a way that is more than just 'he's my boy, so I gotta support.'
Why it isn't higher on the list: I haven't actually listened to it yet, and that certainly puts a damper on the whole thing. I've heard one song by youtubing his life performance for it, but that really isn't a full assessment of the album, and, truth be told, I was at work so I couldn't fall in love with the song by listening to it over and over again. Still, Brian's my boy, so I support.
5: Desperate Housewives Returns to Form
Why it's on the list: Before I get into the why, let me make an observation: Corey Haim, back in the days before he became a fat washed out loser, looked a lot like Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Andrew. Just something I noticed last night as I watching the 100 greatest teen stars on Vh1. Now, back to the point... I love Desperate Housewives. Have since the first episode. Naysayers complain that the second season sucked, which I completley disagree with. But, even I have to say that the second season lost some of its luster. All that changed with the first episode of the 3rd season. It was like everything that was broken was fixed again. And then the hostage episode? Easily the best hour of television this season, if not ever. Sure, everything isn't perfect... I still hate Susan, and I'm damned tired of Bree getting shafted with the crazies, but its a damned good time to be a Desperate Housewives watcher once more, and for that, I am thankful.
Why it isn't higher on the list: Only because the things that are higher on this list are that much more important to me. Maybe if I had given up hope on Desperate Housewives but continued to watch out of loyalty and then found myself inspired again it would be higher, but since I remained faithful the increase in already impressive quality didn't stun me as much.
4: SM Seasonal Albums Return
Why it's on the list: SM Town is the reason why I got into Korean Pop in the first place. It gave me BoA, Fly to the Sky and SES, the three pillars of my musical existence from the time I was 19 until now. Throw in DBSK, Shinhwa, HOT, Isak and Jiyeon, and CSJH and there's been some good times in the land of SM Town, so much so that they're guaranteed to have 'feel good and happy' videos twice a year... that was... until Winter 2004, when the Winter in SMTown album never came out. Nothing in 2005, and it made me sad, super sad. Enter 2006, Summer 2006 in SM Town! Red Sun was an excellent video, but in Christmas came Snow Dream... which is easily the better of the two. I don't know if they're going to return to their normal seasonalness, but I know that, as far as 2006 goes, I had my SM back, and I was glad.
Why isn't it higher on the list? Again, the top three things are just THAT much more important that it takes things like this seem small in comparison. It's higher than DH because I didn't expect the albums to come back after they disappeared for a year and a half.
3: Wii Day.
Why it's on the list: I never expected that I would spend the night camped out of a store for anything in my entire life. But I camped out in front of a store for the Wii, because I needed it, dammit! After a botched Wal-Mart midnight attempt, which was botched because the fools at wal-mart had to have the line start on the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORE instead of the one that was nearest the electronics section, I resigned myself to Best Buy. No sleep and 14 hours later, I had my Wii in hand. Sure, I didn't get the 3 Wiimotes I wanted, or any of the nunchucks, but I got the games I wanted and, more importantly, I got the system. Turns out I didn't need to do any camping, because the Target in my hometown got so many that, come afternoon, they were still in stock. But I'm glad I did it. It was a fun experience.
Why it isn't higher on the list: You'd think that, with my previously admitted Nintendrone status, it would be the highest thing on the list, but it isn't for the simple fact that I KNEW I was going to get the Wii, and I only waited about 2 years for the console. The other events have this beat. Plus, now that I've finished Zelda, ain't much else to play for the time being. That's the way consoles go. Or at least Nintendo consoles.
2: Disneyland
Why it's on the list: 15 years. 15. Years. That's how long I waited to go back to Disneyland from the time I went when I was 7 years old. And I wanted to go back, over and over again I wanted to go back. My dad swore up and down that he would take me again at one point or another, but that's how long it took me to go. Was it worth it? Yeah. And I want to go back already. I want to go back over and over again. Disneyland is the best place in the world, yes it is. I want to work there. No, I want to be worthy of working there.
Why isn't it higher on the list? It would have been number one. Seriously, it would have been number one... but something else came out of nowhere and basically gave me the best moment of my year, and one of the best times of my life. What's that?
1: The day I met Scott Clifton.
Why it's on the list: I love Scott Clifton. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love Scott Clifton. I never thought I would get a chance to meet him. Sure, I dreamed about it. Seriously, I dreamt that I met him at least once. But I never actually thought I would meet him. And I wouldn't have had the chance... if I wouldn't have lost housing and had to take a semester off. Fate was with me on that day. Everything fell into place. And I got to meet my idol. How many people can say that they had that chance? Better yet, the number of people there was so small that I got some damned good time with him. And I got to meet other people, too. Truly, one of the best days of my life, and the best day of my year, bar none.