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Best and worst and most overrated of 2006!

Best Television Show: Desperate Housewives
Best New Television Show: Brothers and Sisters
Best Artist: BoA
Best Song: Winter Love- BoA
Best Video Game: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Best Movie: Does not apply
Best Comic Book: Comics in '06 sucked!
Best Actor: Scott Clifton
Best Actress: Lauren Graham

Worst Television Show: Heroes
Worst New Television Show: Heroes
Worst Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki
Worst Song: I Want To Get Me Some Of That- Dong Bang Shin Ki
Worst Video Game: Ultimate Alliance- Wii
Worst Movie: X3
Worst Comic Book: 52
Worst Actor: Ignacio Serrichio
Worst Actress: Ambyr Childers

Most Overrated Television Show: Grey's Anatomy
Most Overrated New Television Show: Heroes
Most Overrated Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Most Overrated Song: Does not apply
Most Overrated Video Game: Gears of War
Most Overrated Movie: X3
Most Overrated Comic Book: Civil War
Most Overrated Actor: Does not apply
Most Overrated Actress: Does not apply

I could give reasons, but I don't feel like it!