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The year in review, writing...

Because I'm bored... I'm going to do such things...

I don't know. Maybe right now I'm just in a funk because I haven't done much writing (or really any) in about two weeks. For me, this is a huge dry spell that is very saddening. The only sole reason I'm able to maintain some sort of dignity is because I know that it is not my fault. I write with people who take for-fucking-ever to give me a two paragraph response. Very sickening thing, that. I hate people who take forever to give me a short response more than I hate people who give short responses in a quick fashion. At least they allow for progress. And it isn't like I still can't do it. This year I was able to FINALLY do things with Tristan and Courtney that I've had planned since I started their relationship in either 2005 or quite possibly late 2004. And it was damned good. I'm extremely proud of that work. Doesn't mean that, on the whole, my writingness has taken a hit. Let's look at the facts, shall we?

Groups I was a member of in 2006:

Hellbound Hideaway
Avant Garde

Groups I am a part of as of 2007 (or will be, unless something happens in three days):
Avant Garde

So, what happened? Well, Espera crashed because, in spite of efforts, people really, really do not like to be in charge of writing their own storylines. Plus, I can't run a game worth shit. Gave it another shot, and it lasted longer than the first time, but it still crashed and burned horribly. Makes me sad, too. I put so much time and effort into creating that damned world, only to have it combust. But, I really have moved on from it. Hellbound, once a gem of writing, turned completely stagnant when everyone around me basically stopped doing anything. I kept that game running with my posts, by myself, in my own plotlines, for the better part of a year, but I refuse to be the person who keeps on writing in spite of people around him being dead. That's why I closed Espera. I could have kept it going, too, but, dammit, people should pick up their own slack. Echo closed due to the lack of activities from the members (three weeks I waited for a response, and I never got one!!! THREE WEEKS!), as well as the lack of activities from the owner. Never a good sign. I had plans for that game, too, and they just went poof. Unite started out strong, but nobody, including me, has done anything in over a month. Not surprisingly, I was the last one to do anything at all in that group. I doubt it will recover, and though that makes me sad I've seen it so many times that I can safely say that I've developed a little bit of my own cynacism when it comes to such things. And then there's Avant Garde. It has over 100 characters in it, but the people are so slow to respond to anything that they might as well only have a dozen. It's pathetic, but it isn't my group, so what can I do? Another group where I waited for 3 weeks for a response, and I've been waiting about 2 for another. I also waited like 6 weeks for one, but that was because the person I wrote with's dad died, so that's understandable. Right now, with the holidays, I understand that takes a chunk of time away from anyone, so I'm lenient, but that don't mean I got to like it.

I love writing, dearly, but there are times when it basically just pisses me off. And, I haven't really done any non-group writing that wasn't mandated by one of my classes, either. I took a hiatus from my 3rd General Hospital story to regain focus, and that was over a year ago. I don't think I can return to it, because, basically, my passion for the story and for the show in which it was inspired have burned out. I might do an outline and post that to give people an idea of what I was going to do, but that might not work out either.

In reality, I have no clue what I'm going to do about this. I still really, really want to stand by my decree that I will cut out internet writing when I'm done with school (presumably at the end of May, but we'll see how that goes...), and yet it has taken such a strong hold on my life, that, even with all the video games and DVDs that I have, I still spend so much damned time writing or wanting to write or thinking about writing that its easy to see that, in spite of the fact that I don't really do it as much as I would like, I still want to do it. The problem is that nobody is offering up any decent groups that I can see. So many of them suck, or start out good and then suck and end up dying. It's very depressing. I just want a good group with a good concept and good writers that can actually carry itself. How damned much is that to ask? I had that once, but right now I don't have that.

So, all in all, as far as writing for Set in 2006, it was a year of uncertainty, and that does not look like it is going to change. But, if anyone has any ideas on how it can change, well, that's why BoA created the comment box.