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Drama in the household!

The family, she bursts at the seams. Nothing wrong with that, I guess. Family's have issues, mine is no different. But there's a difference between bursting at the seams and friggen exploding. Needless to say, it ended with a less than content grandmother, which does not make me happy in the least.

Work was really slow today, and it looks like it will be really slow tomorrow. This is fine with me, because I enjoy it when I'm not running around like a dumbass trying to get everything and anything. I managed to clock out a little under a half hour early. Five bucks that will not be mine, but what can you do? There were a few things that sucked, though. One was the fact that I had to spend about an hour in the cold room, when it's super, SUPER cold outside, and cold inside. My fingers felt like they were going to snap in half. It was not a good feeling. No sir. The other thing that sucked was the fact that I forgot to youtube the Nintendoworld Smash Brothers Brawl footage. I want to see it, even if it is like months upon months old. I don't care!