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Did I mention the watch?

No, I forgot to mention the watch. My mother, genius that she is, decides that she wants to get me a watch. Now, I've mentioned many times to her that I do not like to wear watches because they break and I really don't have the patience to actually take it off when I'm in the shower and then put it back on when I'm done. It's a small thing, I know, but the point remains. Anyway, she decides to buy me a watch. A disneyland watch. This is a decent sentiment, I suppose, even if I did not ask for such things and she should know better than to attempt to deviate from the list that I supply because, frankly, the other shit she buys is just crap. Back to the point. The watch has Tinkerbell on the tin can thing it comes in. This is the first red flag. Then, I ask her where she gets it, and she states that she got it at Avon. WHO THE HELL BUYS STUFF FOR GUYS AT AVON!?! Well, grown guys anyway. They sell stuff from Avon that little boys wouldn't mind having. I remember I got the GI Joe movie from Avon. Back to the topic, though. Ugh, stupid woman. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

She also bought me a dragon lamp, that I will never use. Ever. And that probably cost more than the stuff I wanted. Good job, woman, good job. She's also said that she forgot to give me a present that was supposed to be a stocking stuffer. Gee, I wonder what that is. A hot pink one piece pajama suit maybe?

Why isn't Disgruntled a mood selection? I'm feeling disgruntled, dammit! At the very least, I got to avoid going back there again and suffering through another round of disappointment. And, god willing, I will go back to Best Buy tomorrow and buy my own copy of Thundercats. Actually, daddy will buy it for me, just so I can shove it in his face how it was in stock, in spite of his multitudal claims that it 'was not.' HE LIES! If he doesn't, well, then I'll feel bad. Maybe. But he put me through hell, so I really don't owe him a damned thing.