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Aww, goobye, James Brown...

Okay, and now to whine.

CHRISTMAS FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!! My parents wrap a box of dots under the tree and present it to me as a present. A box of dots. DOTS. The candy. And it wasn't even a big, huge box either, it was one of the jumbo sized ones that cost like a dollar fifty. Good fucking present, idiots. And, they went shopping for me on Christmas Eve. Who the hell does that? Well, my dad, because we went to Pier 1 yesterday at like 5:15 to go get presents for the Harpy, but anyway. I didn't get Thundercats season 2 volume 2, the thing I wanted the most. Bastard parents. I go OUT OF MY WAY to make sure that I buy everything else that I want with my own money that way they won't have to spend a lot on me for Christmas. So, I give them a simple list. Thundercats season 2 part 2, and He-Man season 2 parts 1 and 2. Three things. Three god damned things. They get me He-Man, but not Thundercats. Because 'they were sold out.' Well, that's what happens when you go shopping on CHRISTMAS EVE. I gave them the list of my presents like three weeks in advance. Bastards lack the foresight to go shopping early, before things are sold out.

I HATE CHRISTMAS. Okay, not really, I just hate my family at Christmas. And, I fully intend on never living in that house if I don't have to.