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Of course, I didn't do EVERYTHING. I got all the hearts, which I normally do not do, but I did not get all the bugs or the Poe Souls, just because. The ending battle was epic, but the ending left me going 'that's it?' Considering how utterly epic the whole game was, having an ending like that, one that was just like 'meh...' was a letdown, but since it was the end and not a plot point per se it doesn't really knock the whole thing down. Would I give it a ten? Yeah, I would. Do I consider it better than OoT? That... I'm not so sure about. Fun times, though. Fun, fun times. There was even a moment that had me in goosebumps. It wasn't the fanboygasm that was the battle at Hallow Bastion in KHII (Aka: The scene that basically was a Squaresoft's fan wet dream come to life), but it was still damned good. To be fair, I could have taken those bastards without the help of the other people, but I digress.