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My tree, she is beautiful!!!

Yes, that is exactly what my tree is, the most beautiful thing ever. I got her yesterday at a pre-cut tree farm. She cost 70 dollars and is 8 feet tall. After the pre-requisite amount of time spent with my parents yelling at each other and being idiots while trying to get the tree ready and the lights all pretty we actually got to decorate, and it was lovely. At first I was upset because it appeared like my mom only grabbed one box of Christmas ornaments, and said box had three whole ornaments inside of it, the rest was other random Christmas stuff, like wrapping paper and whatnot. I was irate. Here's my beautiful tree that I've waited 23 fucking years for, and I only have three damned ornaments? Granted, two of those ornaments were my Disneyland ones, which was quite important to me, but the point remains!

Then, she pulls out some other ones from the barn. The first one I see is my Snoopy and I go 'SNOOPY!!!!' Life is good again. I see a bunch of my old ornaments, like the little mouse I made when I was in Kinder. And some other goodies, like two of my animal in wreath ornaments which are, bar none, my favorite ones. Only the mouse and the racoon, meaning I don't have the Tiger (!!!) and the Bear around, they're still in storage. Still, two out of four is better than nothing. I also found a donald duck huge glittery thing that I forgot I had. And a bunch of bulbs. I realized that I needed to get a 10 footer for all the crap we put on it. Next year, next year. And then I was exhausted, but quite happy.

Today, I got the package I bought from Disney at the start of the month. A day AFTER the tree trimming festivities, mind you, which made me sad. And, part of the music box broke off. But it was Mickey, and I never really cared for Mickey to begin with. My Stitch Snowglobe is HUGE. HUGE!!!! I love it so much.

I also found out that my flash drive got left in my pants and went into the wash. Flash drive versus washer, guess who wins? Which means I have to fork over some more money to get one big enough to hold videos in. Looking towards spending about 20 or 30 on that before I go shopping on Sunday. Money I don't want to spend, but money I need to spend regardless. BoA demands it. Who am I to object?

In all of the madness, on the way back to my grandmother's from the 'rents, I feel something give way in my mouth. It is hard, very much like a grain of sand, I wonder what it is, but since it is very dark I cannot tell. Get into the light and observe. The thing is hard and white, and there is something like a gash between one tooth and another. Methinks a tooth of mine is starting to decay. Why does this happen to me? I brush every morning when I shower. Okay, I don't brush twice, and I don't floss, and I haven't been to the dentist in at least 5 years (at least!), but still... the hell? I don't have the money to fork over for a dentist visit, and neither do my parents. That part of life? She is not so good.

But I have my tree, and that is what is important.


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Dec. 16th, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)
Lucky! My roommates won't let me get a tree for the apartment. I had such a great idea for ornaments, too -- I was going to go thrift shopping for old action figures, hot glue fishing hooks to their heads and use them for Christmas ornaments! Wouldn't it have been rad to have a Ninja Turtle star for the top of the tree?

And I hear you on the dentist thing. I recently had a tooth emergency myself...but that's a story for another time.

All fuseji wants for Christmas is a cheap, competent dentist.
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