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Let's try this again...

girltype, I realize that you're exceedingly busy watching the greatness that is the Pop Up! DVDs, but you never did get back to me on shopping next Saturday. I was thinking that, if you are game, we could see if T wants to go, too. Just something to think about. If you say no then I have to make up some other excuse why I don't want to go to the Christmas party at my bosses place. Because I really, really do not want to go.

Side note: Watching the Showcase for the 3rd album made me appreciate the songs a little more. Not that much, mind you. I still think that the video is the gay (I watched it again... still hurt so much), but there was another video that was decent enough. I may not give up on them just quite yet, but damn that video hurts me so much. And Bada's 3rd album is good. Very good indeed.

Side note #2: My Wiimote ran out of gas. I need to buy batteries for it. I have two more, I guess I could just switch them out, but that would be wrong. So, I can't play Zelda right now. Which is just as well, considering how I'm at a dungeon and I would hate to have to leave instead of being able to finish it. Now that I know I'm nearing the end my desire to see it through is lessening. I guess I just don't want to finish!