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Having Money Is A Wonderful Thing...

But, at the same time, it is also a very, very hazardous thing. Case in point: Disneyshopping.com always has offers that are SO FRIGGEN APPEALING that it isn't even funny. This weekend was 25% off your order, so long as it was 75 or more, which was great... plus, all snowglobes were already on sale (including Stitch snowglobes!), at like half off or so, at least 20 bucks off right off the bat. I told myself I wasn't going to be swayed and I wasn't going to buy anything, but then they throw in an extra 10% ONE DAY ONLY! Sale today... and it just made me go 'fuck it!' And so I spent. I got my Stitch Snowglobe, and something for the harpy, a little Disney holiday fleece. A sizable majority of the holiday stuff was out, which made me sad. But, I ended up ordering a Music Box for Christmas AND a dated ornament. Altogether, the total, before shipping and taxes was 110 dollars. But I SAVED 42 dollars, not counting shipping and taxes, which was 21. Still saved 21 bucks.

The worst part? I was perfectly willing to spend even more money to get the free shipping on 125 or more. In fact, the reason why I did get more stuff was because I wanted to see if the original subtotal would count. It didn't. That's why I stopped.

But that's 130 dollars down the drain. Not that I don't have it to spend... but damn. Imagine what I'll do when I have to start actually, you know, conserving my money. That'll suck. But right now, I'll just spend like I'm a Carrington.

To bestbuy.com I go!