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Silly housing people...

So, I got my confirmation from the housing office at my school today. This is good, yes? This is very good! But, there is some not so good with it... like the fact that it lists me as being in a double studio, where I would share an actual room with someone. This does not please me in the least. Most of all because of the fact that a sizable majority of the people who live in double studios are freshmen, which would therefore mean that the odds of me being forced to live with a freshman would be very high. That does not bode well with me. I decide to regulate myself to my fate, at least for a little while, but then I just want to confirm that there was no screw up.

But... there was. A big screw up. One girl asks me 'are you going to stop being 21 at any time during the year?' And I say 'I'm already 23...' which means that I shouldn't have that room because only people below 21 have it for some reason. Back to the point... I get called back and told that the automated system they used fucked up and that I shouldn't have been placed in that room. This worries me, and I ask if that means I lose my spot. The woman assures me that I will be placed in my own room, and my troubles are over. Precious room away from my mother.

And yet, two seconds later, my coworker says 'is it a bad thing to say that I hope you don't get a room that way you can stay here forever?'

Aww, I is loved. But I ain't 'bout to stick around here. That shit kills me. KILLS ME!!!

In other news:

Lindsay Lohan's AA meetings amuse me to no end. Stupid girl.

I intend on spending at least 10 hours with Zelda this weekend. If I don't reach this goal, I will be crushed. CRUSHED I SAY!!!

Today is the start of tradition month, which I worry that telegmo forgotted all about. This makes BoA cry. But I did not forget, and I will continue! Because I have the strength to carry on (carry onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn)!