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For some reason, I'm quite tired...

I don't know why. I slept relatively well and everything. I'm just drained.

Anyway, I went to Best Buy today, around 1ish. It was still a madhouse. MADHOUSE!!!! The line was so long. I was in it for a good twenty minutes. But I got my Television. 240 dollars for a 27 incher. Not what I thought I was going to get, but my dad said to get that one, so I did. Now, he's using it. How does that work out? I told him that if he got too attached to my television or he broke it he would be buying me a new one, since I did not buy a waranty. I trust televisions not to break right away, what can I say?

I also bought Yoshi's Island DS and the guide for said game. Right now, CDs and DVDs and Games give me triple points, so, yeah. I got about 90 points for Yoshi, and I saw Ducktales part one on sale for 20 bucks, which made me pick that up. Good times. I also went to EB and paid for Elebits. I attempted to see if they had Wii-motes/nuchucku anywhere. Nothing. SO SAD. I want my 4th Wiimote and my nunchucku attachments!!!!! Why does Nintendo have to stiff me so? Bastards. All of them.

I also managed to beat my first dungeon in Twilight Princess today. It was a happy time. First heart container. First boss being beat. And there were monkeys in the dungeon. MONKEYS!!!! Who doesn't love the monkey? That's what I thought. Why has it taken me so long to beat a dungeon in a Zelda game? Simple, I work. I write. And since my cousin is here for the holidays, I have to 'share' television time. And he sleeps in the living room with me, so I can't play in the morning when I wake up because I don't want to wake him up. I loathe my cousin, deeply, but since he's here I might try and stomach some common sense and courtesy, right? Right!

In other news: I've been playing FFIII/VI on my computer, mostly while I'm watching television or waiting for the bastard to wake up. My god I love that game so much. Only thing that sucks is that, on the computer, Sabin loses about 85% of his usefulness. I can pummel and body slam and mantra, but what about air blade and the all-powerful bum rush? Regardless, until I get some more characters, I'm going to use him. I mean, nobody can expect me to use Gau, right? It's GAU. And I never did care much for Cyan.