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Worst. Thanksgiving. EVER.

Seriously, twas the worst Turkey day in the history of my own world. 23 years, and maybe some of the other ones that I can't remember were pretty crappy, too, but this one? This one takes the proverbial cake. It started out decent enough. I was starving when I left my grandmother's, so I went to brekky with my dad at this little restaurant that was open. I paid. Not very good food. Tried an omlette because girltype likes them at the Longhouse so much. I liked the ham, and the cheese, but the egg? Not so much. Still, only cost me 23 bucks, tip included, and the cocoa was good. Mmm, cocoa.

Then, I go and see my Usagi-chan. For those not in the know, she's my 'godmother.' I haven't seen her since I've been home for the semester, so it was fun. Saw my 'godbrothers,' too. Went with her for a little bit. To the house, let harpy open up her presents and watched her and father fight for a majority of the time. It is what they do best, after all. Most of the time she is at the house of the crazy barefoot hillbilly who I can't stand. Which is also where the dinner will take place. Well, not dinner, more like lunch. Anyway, my dad doesn't make his delicious 'oh my god why do I only get this around the holidays?' ham which I always look forward to, and my mother said he was going to, making her a liar. LIAR! This made me sad. She made the deviled eggs, easily my favorite side dish. Pity they sucked immensely. They were like sour or something. Blech. So blech. She also throws shit on my plate that I don't want, like the non-daddy-ham, and some stuffing that left a bad aftertaste in my mouth that makes the fries at burger king look tame by comparison. But I had pumpkin pie. About half of one. And that was great. The rest sucked. Much as I hate my mother, I want her around for the holiday because its supposed to be about family. And where is she? With the crazy hillbilly.

Called girltype twice to see what is up with tomorrow and the shopping, because I think she works, though I can't be certain. Harpy does work, which means no 5 AM best buy for me. Much sadness indeed. I WANT EARLY BEST BUY!!! At the very least, I have Zelda, which I don't intend on playing tonight, and Ugly Betty/Grey's Anatomy. Comfort food, in the non-edible sense. My grandmother swears that I 'play the evil demon games' and they warp me. I love my grandmother to pieces, but she really needs to be quiet about such things. I've been playing Zelda for 15 damned years, including when I was cute and cuddly. So her theory holds no weight.

A not so minor plus is that, apparently, AT&T called the 'rents about DSL in their area. Very good news. Too bad I won't be around to enjoy it. Bastards.


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Nov. 24th, 2006 02:50 am (UTC)
You called while I was at the movies and the phone went off. O_O. I'm soooooooo working tomorrow and I can't call in, because I'm calling in Dec for a concert. O_o.
Nov. 24th, 2006 04:02 am (UTC)
Word, then. No Black Friday for you.
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