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So, yeah, I got it.

I got my Wii. I camped out for about 15 hours for my system, and I got it. It was fun. I took pictures, but I forgot to bring the little cord thing that I connect to my computer. My bad. I'll pick it up on Thursday, when I'm forced to spend the day with my mother and other people. Away from my Wii. WITHDRAWLS!!! BAD!!!

What sucks the most about the Wii is the fact that I couldn't get 3 other Wii Motes (only got 2) and NO nunchuck attachments!!! THERE ARE NONE AVAILABLE!!! It irks me. I have to wait, and it sucks. But I got my Wii, and this is what is important.

However, it sucks that, because I was up for 36 hours, I slept through DH and Brothers and Sisters. I got the recap of DH from my coworker, but she doesn't watch B and S. Anyone here watch it? I want an update!! UPDATE!!!!

My own update: MUCH MUCH LOVE TO girltype, who not only stayed around with me until Midnight, like we planned when I thought I could get it at Wal-Mart at Midnight, but who also STAYED WITH ME ALL NIGHT. I mean, sure, she made me stay alone while she slept in her car (before midnight came, I might add), and made me buy her dinner, and a chair to sit in, AND made me take her to breakfast at the Longhouse the next morning (because she loves the Longhouse)... regardless, she stuck around, and that's as we put it before, 'hardcore, yo.'

Side-update for lefty Wii users, like me. DO NOT PUT THE NUNCHUCK IN YOUR RIGHT HAND!!! IT HURTS LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!!!! Seriously, I was playing Zelda (tons of fun! Cept for fishing, which sucks...) and I wanted to be a rebel and use my left hand to swing the sword, because that's how classic Link does it, but I couldn't. Gripping that thing in my left hand HURT A LOT! So, to save you lefties some pain and agony, because I do this for the lefty community... be a conformist, play with the wii mote in your left hand.


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Nov. 21st, 2006 03:46 am (UTC)
no mention of me. no love! NO LOVE! and you MADE me spend the night! you best be doing it for me in the future, since you said you would!
Nov. 21st, 2006 05:04 am (UTC)
Now you know how it feels not to get any love...

To go and fix that, I must.
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