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Cold hands!

I hate having cold hands, but I get them all the damned time. Kind of suprising, when one considers how often I move around my fingers to type shit up. You would think that would cause some sort of kinetic energy buildup or something. But, alas. It was funny, too, because I was just telling girltype last night about how cold my hands got. Maybe I jinxed myself. It's her fault for asking me if I was cold as we left the Longhouse. Curse you!

Anyway, LESS THAN A WEEK TILL THE WII!!!!!! They were trying to get me to pre-order more stuff, but I'm like 'dammit, I pre-ordered three fucking games! What more do you want from me!' Besides, looking at the list of games that are going to be avaliable on launch day, I got what I wanted. Elebits doesn't come out until the middle of december, which means I can get it, because I'll have money again by then. This is good. I like money. It looked interesting, too. Cutesy, but not in a bad way. And if I pre-order it, I get a plushie. Free plushie! Rampage looked kind of interesting, but not so much so that I thought I needed it. And they said something about the Sonic game, which I thought about. Then, I wiki it today. Bastard won't be out until March. Silly Jaime, telling me to pre-order games that won't be out for half a year.

I am utterly annoyed by the wait that I have to endure for my Wii. I want it now, dammit. I. Want. It. Now. There's a good chance I won't have to send Vanessa to Wal-Mart (or go with her myself, which I'm actually more inclined to do at the moment...), because they said they were likely going to get more systems than the 18 that they let people pre-order. Not many, but I'll be there for hours, so yeah.

Which reminds me, here is Set's Wii waiting in line survival equipment:

DS Lite
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy III Guide
Cell Phone
Portable DVD player
Random DVDs

Yeah, I play the game and I play it well. At least it's Sunday, which means that Reba returns, Simpsons (plus trailer!) and DH and B&S! Best night of Tele!!!!