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November Purchases and stuff!!

But first, some news. My nose is like dead. I used crappy toliet paper at work to blow it, and the skin is all dry and icky. Lotion on the nose sucks, but what you gonna do? Second, my daddy has his 50th last night, so we went to go and eat and I paid for it all, except for the harpy's booze, which they had to pick up themselves because I told them I was not going to contribute to her booze habit, and, dammit, I meant what I said! I had the calamari, of course, and that was some good shit. All in all, counting the 11.08 tip, it came out to an even 55 dollars. The waitress was really nice, but they took FOR FUCKING EVER. We left a big tip anyway. Or, I did.

And now... cut for your viewing pleasure, because I probably won't have time to do it on the first of the month and I have time to do it now...

DVD, Must:

Golden Girls, season 6, because Sophia and the girls need me.
Reba, season 3, because they finally got rid of those fucking double sided discs that I hate so much!!
She-Ra, season 1 part 1, because I need to have the honor of Grayskull and watch the pretty sparklies.
Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary, because me, Grimlock, want to hear more about Petro Rabbits. Plus, they have actual special features! Stan Bush music video!!! Wait... we don't want that, do we?

DVD, Maybe:
He-Man season 2, because, like I said before, it seems bad to start buying the spin off before owning the original. It would be like buying all of Angel before Buffy, if Angel didn't suck.
Justice League, because my time with Justice League heroes has made me appreciate the show more. Good times.
Thundercats season 2 part 1, because Cheetara demands it, and therefore who am I to object?

CD, Must:

BoA, Outgrow, because the Goddess deserves some form of tribute around the day that she blessed the world with her divine presence.
Fly to the Sky, Transition repackage, because my boys have had their damned album out for over a year and I never got around to buying it. Brian cries, and this makes me feel bad.
BoA, Winter Love, because it is the best damned BoA ballad since Jewel Song, at least in Japanese, and I want to own a BoA single, so what better place to start?

CD, Maybe:

BoA, Love and Honesty, because like I said, BoA deserves such things. And money is really not that much of a problem at the moment, so I probably will buy it. Besides, the song with no name kicks ass up and down.
Brian McKnight Greatest Hits, because, assuming he has one, I want that song that starts with all the la la la la la's, since that song speaks to my heart. Too bad I can't remember the actual fucking title...
Dong Bang Shin Ki volume three, because I have no idea what the official title is, but I should buy it and listen before I think about giving it as a present to other people. I protect them from the harm, like Eusha Eusha. The pain. THE PAIN!

Video Game, Must:

Children of Mana (though I could also get this on October 31st, assuming FFXII arrives on the same day...), because it has the 'of Mana' with it, so if you need to know why then you obviously don't know much about me. It will likely suck, but what the hell.
Excitetruck, because I needed another Wii Launch Game, and who didn't love Excitebike? I mean, really.
Final Fantasy III, because FFIII, the Japanese one, was great when I played the hack. And it is supposed to be even better with the remake.
Final Fantasy XII (though I could get this on October 31st, assuming it arrives on the day it ships. I don't think it will, but you never know...), because, even though I fear the new battle system, I should still support, and I get a special edition with nifty things!
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, because I need to have another game where I can neglect Wolverine with every possible turn, since such things make me very happy.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, because it is FUCKING ZELDA, PEOPLE!

Console, Must:

Nintendo Wii, because if I don't get this the day it comes out then I might as well slit my damned wrists and just call it a day, as life will lose all meaning without the precious thing that is the Wii. Already have I prayed to BoA that I be blessed with such things.

Prehipreials, Must:

Wii-mote and Nunchaku attachments (3), because having a Nintendo system without 4 controllers just seems wrong since the N64 decided that it was good to have four controller ports built into the system, which it was. God Bless Nintendo.
Wii Memory Cards (2), because not being able to save your progress and stuff is a pain in the ass. Believe me, I know.

Perhipreials, Maybe:

Anything that looks like I need it for the Wii that I don't think I need right now.

Misc Stuff, Must:

Birthday presents for: Ali (Gift Card), Harpy (already purchased, but haven't arrived...), and Vanessa (another year of LJ, and something else if I can think of it...)
Downpayment for housing, because I need to get my ass back to school so that I can get the fuck out of here!

Misc Stuff, Maybe:

BoA 2007 Calendar, because BoA needs to be on my wall for a year. It is the law.
Random other crap that I can't remember.

Spending money kicks ass.