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A writing rant, because I can!

So, I just left Hellbound about an hour ago. Not that sad, though I do fear what the former boss will do when she finds out. I mean, she knew about it months ago, but she did ask for me to give her some files before I left. She hasn't been on in ages, so that isn't my fault, and I still have the files so I can give them to her at her own request. Anyway... that got me thinking. The things I hate about writing, or rather, roleplaying (because there is a big difference), and will be detailed under the cut, in no specific order, at least not intentionally...

The thing I hate the MOST when it comes to roleplaying is those bastards who use the same character over and over again. And I'm not talking the same 'type' of character, I'm talking the same FUCKING character. Same name, same description, same everything except for a few things that are swapped around to fit the game. In Hellbound, there was this girl who was a member of Hellbound and an X-Men based RPG and some other RPG and she used the same character. There were a few things swapped around, mostly background and abilities, but still. Why does this anger me? Because people should put forth the damned effort to create someone new when they join a new group. I get that the character is theirs, and they can do whatever the hell they want with their creation, even whore them out to endless amounts of groups, but I don't have to like it. When I make a character, I make that character for that group and that group only, no matter how much I like them. Believe me, if I could, I'd take Tristan somewhere else, because that boy is the shit, but he belongs to the Hellbound world, that's just the way that it goes.

Going along with that, I hate people who use the same character model over and over. I've done it once, but that was only because there are seriously no Latino famous people that I can think of that are as great as Nicholas Gonzalez, and believe me, I LOOKED. It really just goes with the above.

So does using the same name. I've done this, too, but never in the context of an RPG. I had a character named Vance in one of my fanfiction stories, and I made a character named Vance in Hellbound, but aside from that name they were entirely different characters. This one obviously isn't as much of a peeve with me, unless people pick rare names and just keep on using them.

'It' Boy/Girl character models irk me, too. How many times do I have to see Chad Michael Murray as a character? How many other blond hair blue eyed boys of varied degrees of hotness are out there? Plenty. I used Jesse McCartney once, so I'm not guiltless in this crime, but he really did look like the guy who was used as his father. Mostly, these people come from the WB and are frequently cast as teenagers/young adults... which brings me to my next peeve...

Age. I've seen someone use Brad Pitt as a teenager. Now, don't get me wrong, he doesn't look... how old is he, like 42 or something? But the point remains: He isn't a teenager, so he shouldn't be used as a teenager character's model. Same with Milo, who I keep on seeing OVER AND OVER again as like some 14 year old. My general rule of thumb is as such: take the age of the model, take the age of the character, subtract the model from the character, if bigger than five, find someone younger. If the character is older than the model, doesn't matter. Is this unfair? Yeah, but reverse ageism is a good thing, not a bad thing. Support reverse ageism!

Taking a person from a show/movie and creating a character EXACTLY like them, or relatively similar. I like Supernatural themed RPGs, just the way I work. How many times have I seen members of Buffy and Angel as models for characters in said games? Too many times. It's like people just run to the obvious and don't want to think about making a different choice. It creates stagnation, and I hate that. Obviously, if you're playing a character from that show and using the model, well, that's just what is expected. Carry on.

People who have a crapload of characters and then post for them ALL IN THE SAME LIKE TEN MINUTE SPAN! This is just annoying because of the spam factor. But, honestly, if you have enough time to write a little bit post for your dozen characters, odds are high you had enough time before then to write more for fewer characters. I also hate it when people have a boatload of characters, just because.

One liners. This is hated for the obvious reasons.

People who write responses by responding to the post like it isn't written in real time. This might be a little bit confusing, but I'm going to explain it and hopefully make it easier to understand. I write a post with say four paragraphs, three of those paragraphs are my character saying or doing something. Person A, the person who is responding, responds to each individual section, as if my character said something, paused, waited for a response, got a response, said something else and repeated the cycle. The fuck? I write responses as if everything had happened before I respond, because that is real time. If I wanted a person to respond to each section, I would only write one section and then write another with a response. Too many people write like that, and it pains me deeply. Mostly because, in my mind, it disrupts the flow.

And finally, those individuals who take their sweet ass time responding to things. This is just common courtesy. Respond as soon as you can, don't just leave a person waiting. I try for a day turnaround unless something is up. I realize things come up, but I doubt people are so busy they can never respond in a timely manner at all.

So, you might be asking, 'if he hates all those things about writing, which are apparently quite common, why does he do it?' The answer is... not that simple. The answer is simply: because I get bored.