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An amusing obersvation...

I was looking at the tv schedule for fall 2006, because I wanted to wiki the shows that I had not wikied before that were on the television this season. It also shows the shows that will premier as mid-season replacements, and let me tell you, the shows coming mid season appeal to me more than the shows that started last month. How sad is that? I mean, Secrets of a Small Town has Tyler Christopher and Matt Long, plus it will probably have me going 'shit, that's just like living here!' So I intend on watching that. There's a show with Rachel Harris (yea, I realize I spelled her first name wrong...), and since she is the hotness I'll be watching that one. A few other shows, too, that look interesting enough to make me go 'hey, that looks like something I'll try to watch.' Including something on *gasp* NBC. So, I thought I would give my opinions on the shows that I watch right now, starting with Monday and going through Sunday, because I believe that the week starts with Monday.

Heroes- Overrated. Seriously. The show has a lot of potential, you won't hear me never say that, but it is lost in so many ways. There is like no direction. I really don't give a damn about the characters. Hiro amuses me, but I only like him because he amuses me, not because I think he's a great character. Peter, the supposed everyman, just annoys me. I don't give a damn about Mohinder, that drug addict artist, the telepath cop, etc etc. In short, the show suffers from what I call 'Commander-in-Chief' syndrome. It tries to balance too many characters. If the show manages to intertwine them well enough, the quality of the program will no doubt improve. If not, well, fanboys who are blind will still watch it, because they're like 'SHOWS ABOUT PEOPLE WITH POWERS, YAY!' I'm not mocking... that's part of the reason why I watched.

Gilmore Girls- Sadly, I have only watched two episodes so far, so I cannot give a far assessment of the season up to this point. I will say that the episode that aired last tuesday was pretty damned crappy, but the one that just aired? That was great. Emily, precious Emily. I don't find myself enjoying it as much as I have before. Maybe because I didn't catch it from the start and I'm embittered. Plus, the fact that as soon as I leave my grandmother's house I will probably not have the show to watch might have something to do with it.

House- I still love House, I do, but this show really does not do much for me. I like seeing Chase get a backbone, and I enjoy the storyline that they're presenting with House and the other doctors lying to him, but it just isn't there for me like it was before. Can this change? Probably. Will I still be watching? More than likely.

Ugly Betty- A funny show at times. Not the best show in the world, not the worst. A solid act by a lot of people. It shows promise in giving me Nicholas Gonzalez on a possibly semi-regular basis. I support my boys, what can I say?

Grey's Anatomy- Maybe I'm just tired of the whole medical genre as a whole, it could be becoming the new Forensics/Reality genre, in that it has so many friggen shows devoted to it. Meredith pisses me off to no end. I want George to die (though I commend TR Knight for coming out of the closet. GO TR!). Derek also needs to die, and someone should rip out Izzy's throat. Christina and Miranda and Addison remain my pillars of greatness. Alex and Callie bring up the rear. I want them to explore Alex more. I think he's the most complex character they have. It does not deserve to be the most watched show on television. It really is not that great.

The Simpsons- I'm surprised by how much I've been enjoying the current season. It made me sad to realize that the episodes would be on hiatus because of baseball. Fucking baseball. The episodes don't have that extreme appeal that they used to have, but they also don't suffer from the multi-plotted madness of recent times. They've been pretty good with giving us solid stories, and I can appreciate that. Treehouse will divert, but that is what Treehouse does, so it is okay.

Desperate Housewives- Now this is the show that DESERVES to be the most watched show on television. Let me tell you, if you gave up on the show during the second season, you should come back. It is back in full force. I still hate Susan, and her new British guy, because I think that they're both annoying, but Lynette has returned to her comedic badassness, as has Gabi, and Bree remains Bree. If there is one thing that I do not like about the show at the moment it is the fact that they keep on putting Bree in those horrible relationships. I was fine with George, but George and now Orson? That's a bit too much. And I will say this: I miss Betty. I hated her storyline, but I liked the character and I liked Alfre Woodard. A pity that she got the shaft.

Brothers and Sisters- My vote for the best new show of the season. I don't have a big family. I mean, I do (as my recent visit to the Mexican Overload details...) but they're not immediate. I can't really relate, but I can empathize with the Walker family. Like Heroes, the show still suffers from an overload of characters. Tommy, one of the central children, does little more than stand there and look all evil (Balthazaar Getty just looks menacing, and with a name like Balthazaar...), and he has a wife? She just smiles and makes cameo appearances. There's a step son of Rachel Griffith's character who came out of nowhere, but is considered a part of the family as he is in the picture. The reason why I like this show so much is because of the character Justin, played by Dave Anable of Reunion fame. He's a druggie, which means I should hate him, but he has potential for redemption, and I want to see that. It is well written and well acted, and I don't expect them to trim down the cast, even though they should.

So, if I were to rank the shows I watch (excluding Gilmore Girls, because, as I said, I cannot fairly judge it at the moment), it would go a little something like this:

Desperate Housewives
Brothers and Sisters
The Simpsons
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy

Wow... I only watch seven shows regularly. That's so far down from what used to be my norm it makes me sad. I really should find something to watch on Wednesdays, but I WILL NOT WATCH LOST. So don't even try that shit. Nothing else looked all that inviting. One Tree Hill? Please. At least with the midseason, I can look forward to adding a few shows, and maybe taking away some, too.


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Oct. 23rd, 2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
I agree about bros and sis ... TOTALLY disagree about greys! Desperate Housewives is better, but I still don't think it deserves all the hoopla. Always love the simpsons. Ugly Betty was too campy for me. Totally agree about Heroes, I was really disappointed in that.

You should watch The Nine.
Oct. 24th, 2006 12:00 am (UTC)
You would disagree about Grey's, especially since you love Izzie so much, but the girl must be destroyed, or at least toned down to her less annoying ways of the first season. I blame Denny. Stupid ass dead Denny.

Desperate Housewives doesn't have much hooplah anymore, if you'll notice. It deserves to have more. So much more.

I WANTED to watch the Nine, but it is on at the same time as the GH rerun on Soapnet at my grandmother's. Since I don't have the TiVo hooked up, and feel that I should really avoid bringing more stuff into her living room than I already have, that means I couldn't watch it, because Scott Clifton demands my attention, and deserves it.
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