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One minor fault...

Grandma says that I can't have the computer and the television/ps2 on at the same time. This makes me sad, because, you know, I like to have them both on for a variety of reasons. Right now she is not here, she is doing her bible study at the Kingdom Hall, which means that I *COULD* do it, and she would be none the wiser, but then I would feel bad for lying to my grandma, and I wouldn't do that. There are lines a man just will not cross. Okay, lines I will not cross, and lying to my grandma is probably at the top of that list.

Tomorrow starts my last week at Hellbound. I'm thankful that it is over, truthfully. I mean, don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun and the fact that I was there for over two years and wrote constantly shows that it was a very productive environment, but that productive environment was caused by me for the most part, especially for the last year or so. Tristan is and will always be one of the best characters I've ever written, but that does not change the way that I feel now. The other group that I am part of is decent enough, but moves super slow. Not really much that can be done about that. I've been waiting for something that is supposed to happen to one of my two characters there to happen, and that's been about a week and a half. I want to write for him, I feel that I should, but I don't know 'what' to write that I 'can' write in the current situation that I am in. The other character is involved in a two people plot, but the girl I write with has not written a response all weekend. Her choice, I will not hate on her for it.

It was funny, on Friday I wrote a post for Hellbound, and I just kept on doing other things when I was done thinking that I would get around to posting it eventually. That never happened. I closed word thinking that I had posted it, because it was like 3 hours later, and then realized that I had not. Stupid word, saves things automatically, but when you want to pull it up can you? Nooooo. A pox on Word. Any attempts at finding a group that would hopefully keep my interest have been met with less than favorable degrees of success, but we all know that it is because I am entirely too picky.

I just found out that Justice League Heroes will not likely become available until Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Actually, that was when KHII came out, too, because I had lunch with Kiki that day and I only had lunch with her on Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Kind of jacks up my schedule, though, with comics coming out the same time and my dad, being my dad, will likely not want to take me to both places because he's a bitch like that. C'est la vie.