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No Wii for Mii...

At least not with a guarantii. Okay, I'll stop doing that now, just thought it would be cute. So, girltype, pay attention because we gonna be like Bonnie and Clyde. Okay, probably not, but still. The guy said that the money they put down on the systems only guaranteed (see, I told you I could do it...) them a system if they were there to pick it up at midnight. I don't know if they will be. God willing, they will not. I will be there at midnight to snatch up an extra system if it is available, and to certainly snatch up the games that I pre-ordered (pre-ordered excitetruck today, just because), and a memory card or two and maybe some extra controllers. If the system is not procured... to the 24 hour wal-mart I shall go, hopefully before anyone else. There, I will, God Willing, be able to purchase the precious system of happiness. If I cannot get it there, I will cry. But, I will then head over to Target come early in the morning and camp out. If I do not get it then... suicide will be the option.

Jaime, the guy who works there and is my friend in a 'we talk about stuff when I'm there...' kind of way, said that I COULD go to Gamecrazy and bump someone because they let people do that there. But, I said that was fucked up and refused to do it. See? I have morals. And BoA likes that. Even if she denies me things that I need to make myself extremely happy. This is a test from the divine one. A test that I intend on passing.

Oh, and my grandmother's living room was seriously built for surround sound. I hooked up my speakers here, for the week or so I will remain, just because I needed to play Disgaea 2 (which I haven't done yet, but you know...) and Justice League heroes when it comes out. Good times. Part of Your World in Surround Sound is SO worth it.

Incidentally, if I do not get a Wii right away, I will be singing that song while weeping. Yes, I will certainly wish I could be part of their collective world. I wanna be... where the people are...