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Yeah, I'm still here, and I'm still living off the euphoria of meeting my man. Seriously, each time I think about it. Each time I think about just being around him, I smile. I'm not much of a smilier, but when I think about that? I smile so much. I'm truly set for life with that one meeting. God, I wish I could have spent more time with him. Not that I didn't spend a lot of time around him, but still. I wish I could have, you know, spent the ENTIRE DAY with him, and then some. I wish I could go to Super Soap. I wonder if he would remember me. Probably not.

Grandma's internet is faster than the internet at home. It makes me happy. I mean, it's not super fast internet that can help me download videos or watch stuff on youtube (while youtube remains watchable, I fear the google takeover...), but still, better than nothing. I can only use it at night, which is fine since I work during the day anyway. Weekends could prove to be a problem, we'll deal with that when we get to it.

I want a haircut like bad. I need one too. I told dad to tell mom to call the hair cut lady, but of course, dad did not remember. Bastard. Nothing big, just a trim on the sides and the burns and a little bit off the top, since I'm going to be around for awhile I can manage to just get a little off the top. And the more people I can tell about the joy of meeting Scott Clifton the better.

I intend on going to the house (which now has a tub, but no toliet, or working water) on Saturday to grab my PS2 and my surround sound. I shall check with my grandmother first, of course, to make sure that all of this is kosher, but I've had Disgaea 2 for a week and haven't played it at all. Not that I really want to play it, but Justice League Heroes, which comes out on Tuesday and I REALLY want to play, is something I can't not play for a week without going crazy. Since it is obvious I will still be here during that time, it is also obvious that certain steps need to be taken. I'm nothing if not a methodical planner.

Spending time with my grandmother is wonderful. Even though I'm only around for a little while and I don't really talk to her that much, just being around her fills me with so much joy, and I know it makes her happy, too. If there is a dark mark in the whole situation it is the fact that my uncle is around frequently as well. Idiot called me a crying nigger baby last night. The hell? Stupid druggie. Yeah, he's off the shit. My ass.

I've concluded that I need to not get comfortable until around 10:30, because I've been passing out in the middle of it (which should show just how good the quality of the show is...). So, last night I made sure to stay awake. It had Scott. SCOTT!!!! And I managed quite well, thank you very much. Oh, and I can watch Gilmore Girls again! Not that Tuesday's episode was anything special. Maybe not being in the know just sort of screwed it up for me. Stupid lack of CW.