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Soap Star Stuff!!

So, since I’m nice and rested, no longer exhausted from a two hour car ride, one way, coupled with waking up at six fifteen on a Saturday, and then the four hours that were spent at the campus, followed by the hours that were spent traveling back and doing some errands, I can report back the happenings of the event in question. To sum up Fun in the Sun, or rather, to sum up me meeting Scott Clifton: SO MUCH FUN!

But, it was not without some strife. First, we went and parked in the parking lot, because, you know, parking lots mean parking, right? Turns out that we can’t park at the parking lots on football days or some shit. This is after I spend six dollars on parking, which ends up being for naught. We have to find another parking place, an hour before the event starts, which only takes quarters. I normally have quarters, but I did not. I have to run to McDonalds, spend money on fries (so good, because they are fries), ask for change in quarters to pay for the machine, run the long way back (because I figured it was shorter…) and then pay for the time and walk back to the campus, hoping that I don’t miss anything. I don’t. I get to see Scott walk out of the van along with the other people. He has the good hair. It made me happy. I throw a fit, but I maintain my composure as much as I can. I see them going into the library. The urge to follow is great. Again, I manage to keep myself in check. Let’s give me some credit for that, shall we?

Anyway, we hang around because the event is supposed to start at twelve. They play horrid music, including Milli Vanilli (so crappy. How did they win the grammy? Vanessa thinks it is because they were black…), Gnarls Barkley, and the Brooke Hogan song (which really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…) They play one song by Mariah, which was like a godsend. Forty-five minutes after the event is supposed to start, it does! Justin Bruening (Jaime from AMC) acknowledges me, and I get all giddy. Not that I care much about AMC or Jaime, but it was cool nonetheless. And let me tell you, that man is a very good looking man in person. Aidan (or Aiden… they switch it, it annoys me) Turner comes out next. No acknowledgement, but he’s a brit, so it’s okay. Then John-Paul Lavosier (I probably butchered his spelling, but whatever) comes out. Then Eddie Matos (Ex-Ricky Port Charles, Current Peter, GH), meh. THEN SCOTT!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I clap, and wish that I had the ability to whistle like my mother, because, as host Bob Guiney said, it was a small crowd and we needed to make the noise.

They change up the way that it was supposed to go, because there was such a small amount of people who went to the event, and instead of having the people who were there sit on the stage and talk for a little while (which, I assume, is the norm), they just go out and mingle. I make a b-line for Scott, because nobody else matters. Seriously. Nobody else matters. Some time later, I GET TO TALK WITH HIM! I tell him that I was there for him, and he gets happy and starts jumping around and going ‘ya hear that? He came for me! ME!’ Which was cute. Then I told him it felt good to inflate his ego and help him get over those emmy loses. Which made him sad. I build them up, then I break them. It’s what I do. I thank him for doing his hair the good way, because if he did not it would have made me cry. I also ask about any possible scenes with Steve Burton, because I figure one identity crisis Q can help the other identity crisis Q. Scott says that Steve just ignores him. Damn that Steve. We, of course, know that he is lying. I have to leave, and it makes me sad, but I have to make the rounds.

John Paul was nice, but I honestly don’t see why people think he’s so attractive. He doesn’t look that great to me, and I think I know hot male when I see it. He’s all right, I’ll give him that, but he is not like ‘woah!’ Still, he was a nice guy, so I give him props. I try and get in the line for Aiden Turner, but that line is too damned long for my own good, so instead I shift over to Justin’s line, which was much shorter, and let me tell you, Justin Bruening is a sweet, sweet man. He saw my shirt and said it was one of the coolest shirts ever. I was wearing my Optimus Prime shirt, because I knew it would illicit a response from SOMEONE (to his credit, Scott also commented, which was great…), and I think that was why he acknowledged me when he was introduced. Either that or the fact that I was one of like five males there the whole time. One of the two. I’ll go with the shirt, just because. He tells me that Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo, AMC) is going to be in the movie. I tell him that Grimlock is not going to be in the movie, which depresses me. So, if anyone sees Justin ever wearing a Transformers shirt… I caused that. Accomplishment!

I finally manage to meet with Aiden (or Aidan), who is also a very nice and very good looking individual. But he complained about the way that the event was disorganized, because it really, truly was. I felt for him. Pictures, signatures for my friend were taken, and I go on my way. BACK to Scott, because, in my haste, and the fact that my mind was reeling from meeting Scott damned Clifton, I forgot to take my picture with him. Pictures were taken, and I got to touch him. Joy. So, much, joy. Vanessa goes to take a picture with Eddie, because she is like ‘he be hot, and he be Mexican, that’s all we need…’ and we realize JP is all by himself. Whatever. I thought about going over there and, you know, talking to him, but I just went back to Scott. I stalked that boy for a good hour and fifteen minutes of the time that they were out there. I have no shame, but, as I said before, I came for him. The fact that I spent any time with the other people should be surprising in and of itself. Even though he does not speak to me again, doesn’t matter.

He was amazing, people. Seriously, Scott Clifton was so great. He was so funny, and sweet, and kind, and he was the one star who spent the most time talking to people aside from Justin, and was certainly the one who seemed to appreciate it the most. My fears about him being a dick and ruining my love for him, while not unfounded, ended up being untrue. Which was great, because I honestly don’t think that Scott can be a dick, he’s just so giddy. It was funny, this one high school girl was talking about food and clapping her hands when she would say things like burgers and fries and so on, and each time, Scott would say ‘YES!’ louder and louder. Vanessa said that a twelve year old made him cum. I dryly commented/whined that I was supposed to be the one who made him cum. She made all the people who took pictures with her do the peace sign, which some bitches didn’t like. Stupid hoes. If I ever have another chance to do something like that (which I might not get, because Scott might leave when his contract expires… now, more than ever, I don’t want that…), I’m so going to take it. If there was one thing that I wished was different, it was that there was some women there, too. Laura Wright, specifically. If I would have met her and Scott Clifton? My lord.

There were a few things that I did not do. I did not tell him my dream of being able to write for GH, probably because I did not want him to look at me all odd and be like ‘total fanboy…’ and I did not go to do a video shout out, because I’m not an idiot and I HATE being in front of a video camera, let alone on television. Bad enough I might be seen in the crowd when they air the thing around Thanksgiving (look out for that…), but to actually be heard on camera? No way in hell. Scott left, and I was sad, but I was happy that I got to meet him, and that was what was important.

After the event, Vanessa and I, who are dying of thirst because Berkley has like NO vending machines on campus in the area that we are at, stop over at Best Buy because I need to get my cousin his 50 dollar gift certificate there, and I look and see that they have the DS Castlevania, which I snatch up all quicklike. I also look at the new Little Mermaid soundtrack. Jessica Simpson doing Part of Your World? No way in hell. Why does she get to do all the songs? First A Whole New World with Nick, now this? And Raven Symone doing Under the Sea? There were only 4 songs on the second disc, which sucked ass. Didn’t get that. I need to get the zip code to the new town that I live in, because I can’t remember it for the life of me. 90 bucks there.

We drive to Gilroy, and I need to hit up EB to see if I can pre order the Wii. I cannot, it makes me sad. I buy Disgaea 2 and the guide, though I doubt I will ever finish that game, and I don’t have my PS2 here, so yeah. They might have a Midnight Release Party for the Wii, so Vanessa and I might hit up that if they do. Only if I can get the pre-order, because if I can’t I will be very, very sad. Then we go and eat at the Chinese Buffet. I pay for dinner, because it was the right thing to do. I wasn’t that hungry, though, so it was kind of a waste. Money is just money, lord knows I make enough to compensate. Hit up Famous Dave’s, since my cousin was going to eat there. Apparently, it was going to be a two hour wait for them, because they were going to have 15 people. That’s insane. I give him his card and we leave back to her house. We upload the pictures and the videos, and then upload them to my flash drive, too. I also get Red Sun, and WINTER LOVE!!!! Vanessa takes me home.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends of my life. Scott Clifton and the Best BoA video/song in how long? Such things are going to be very hard to top. Very hard indeed.


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Oct. 10th, 2006 07:15 am (UTC)
So lucky you had a good weekend and you got to meet your idol.

Aidan was there? OH man. . . . He is cool on AMC even though he has no storyline.
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