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I'm alive...

But I'm working on a whole three hours of sleep. Yes, that's right, I was still moving at 2:30 in the fucking morning. Got up at 6, because of my stupid ass uncle playing his music super loud at that time, and got to work at about 8:15. I want to go and curl into a ball and just sleep, dammit!


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Oct. 5th, 2006 01:15 am (UTC)
ooh poor setsy.

Luke punched Christopher, then told Lorelai. Lane is pregnant after having sex once on the beach and HATED it and thinks that sex being good is just a lie everyone tells. logan is in london, gave rory at rocket, which somehow meant he loved her, but when she called him to see if she could visit him, he said he got tickets for her to come ... but not until xmas. Luke and Lorelai are broken up = she gave him an ultimatium and he took more than TWO SECONDS to decide ... when he came to tell her he chose her (over his kid), she told him about Christopher (which is why luke punched him, sorry this is out of order). Taylor put in a camera on the streetlight, kirk was demonstrating it and the flash blinded him and he drove the car into lukes. Now kirk has set up "kirks" which is, of course, just like luke's. Luke and Lorelkai keep rinning into each other, and Luke acts like it's no big deal and Lorelai is upset.

I know that's not very detailed, but that's the gist anyway. Feel free to ask q's to clarify or if I missed a character you really want to know about (no Emily or Richard yet this season).
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