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The last day in my Ancestral Home

That's right, my friends list, I will be gone from this abode when next I post. And not just gone as in 'at school,' I mean gone as in 'never going to be back here again. Ever. NEVER EVER. The state will make sure that we are gone by noon tomorrow. I will be at work, so I won't be here anyway. But I do not foresee anything good happening from that ordeal. I have already spoken with my grandmother, who says I can live with her, so that is likely what I am going to be doing. Seriously, like 95% certain.

Anyway, it looks like I won't be able to go forward with my weekend plans as planned. So, girltype, what are you doing on Saturday? It's an all day thing, mind you. So, if you have any plans at all... but if you're not, think you want to take a trip with me up to Berkley? You'll have the chance to watch me be all fanboyish... mmmhmm...

And yes, I'm using the icon to elicit pity. I mean, I HATE Chibi-Usa, though Hotaru manages to garner some respect, but I'm using it for the guilt trip points. Precious guilt trip points.