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Mario Overload!!!

Seriously, since four of my five current DS games are Mario related, I'm on a Mario kick. Don't forget, I HATE MARIO! Not the games, but the character. I'm purposefully making sure that each time he gains a level in the Mario RPG game he ends up getting the mostly useless bonus of Moustache (it increases the chances of criticals, but whatever...)... but all of this Mario-ness is making me want to go back. I need to get my copy of Sunshine back from girltype, when she gets back from Japan, of course. I also need to hang with her and get the fuck out of this stupid house. My mother is a horrid bitch. She's calling me selfish because I won't pay for the shit that she bought me as a present. Whore. And she's calling me selfish for not getting the day off of work when the big move happens. Sorry, mommy, but Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Gee, I wonder what is more selfish... abandoning two people (my mother and father), or how many people at the company? Yeah, that's selfish. Oh, and all the extra work I've been doing because we've had a shortage of people (which I don't 'have' to do, mind you...), which only makes my job that much harder because I have to pull away from my focus? Sooooooooooooooo selfish. This move is going to make me want to kill her. I mean, more than usual.

On the plus side, I did get paid today. Sadly, it was only 780 bucks. I thought I made about 900, counting OT, but I didn't have that much OT. Money is money. And I had pizza today. Good pizza. Precious lunch.

Did I mention that I hate my mother? Maybe that is selfish, but that's okay.