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Soon to be welcomed into the world:

Daniel Ryan... umm... Martinez? I think that's what his last name will be. I know, it is a seriously 'Mexican' name, ain't it? My aunt, who I work with, didn't even tell me that she was in labor. She might have tried to look for me, but maybe she did not. I told her to just make sure that Danny's song was playing in the background and all would be perfect.

Work sucked today. Mostly because I'm currently pondering if I have somehow acquired allergies of some sort, or if I'm just sneezing like a maniac for no reason at all. But, I seriously must have sneezed about fifty times when I went, and it was really, really annoying. I went to the bathroom around a dozen times just to blow my nose, which sucked. Plus, the air conditioner was out in the lab, which made it all hot and muggy. It got fixed, but damn that shit sucked.

I was going to do some writing today. Seriously, I was, but right now I'm so close to passing out it isn't even funny. I just want to stay up long enough to watch GH and Heroes (see if it is any good), and then I'm going to crash.

Aidan called me today. I feel better knowing that he wasn't just ignoring me. It has to do with that whole clingy thing. I'm excessively clingy to a vast majority of my friends, mostly because I have so few. He said he started working at Little C's, so I called him when he was at work. He called me when I was at work, right after I got off my break, so our conversation was short. Alas, no plans for Disneyland with that one, he is no longer going to Chico, so we have different spring breaks. Sadness.

Last night I finally got to watch Desperate Housewives again! SO HAPPY! I love Lynette, and Bree, but Susan remains all kinds of annoying. And it had Laurie Metcalfe. I was like 'hey, is that Laurie?' and then I saw her name and it was so I was happy. A good episode. Not great, but not disappointing, like Grey's. I talked to Peggy, my coworker, about Grey's (because I mentioned Shiva and Blaine sarcastically), she says she's an Izzie, and wonders how I could not like Izzie. I say because she has started taking the whole Denny thing way too harshly. Man died. Deal and move on. We also talked about Son's and Daughter's. Not a horrid show, but not great. I think there are too many characters on the show. Still, it has the guy who played Aaron on Reunion.