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Watching the last two episodes of DH from last season (because, you know, I need to get caught up with DH before season 3 starts tonight!!! HAPPY SET!!!), well, technically it is the last episode, because it was a two hour episode. Anyway, during the flashback it shows Rex. Precious Rex. I miss him so much. I really, REALLY wanted him to be gay, though. During season 1, when he was having the affair and wouldn't let Andrew stay with him, I was like 'let it be with a man!' Just because, you know, that's twisted and what I like to do. Sure, her son is gay, well, he doesn't like labels, but the point remains.

And people think I'm slash phobic. I'm all for gay characters, so long as they are handled correctly. Random fanboys/fangirls who want the gay sex just for their own fantasies? Not so much. Which is why I'm supportive of the possibility of Christian's repressed homosexuality. But, Rex did not go the way I wanted him to go, which is fine. I still miss that man like hell.