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Let's talk Grey's, okay?

This is not going to be spoiler-heavy, really, it won't. It will discuss things that happened without going into detail about them, but if you have not watched the season 3 premier, DO NOT READ THIS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Okay, so season 3 of Grey's gives me that whole Moldavia feeling. Did anything really get resolved? No, no it did not. And that pisses me off like mad. I wanted to see something get resolved on the 'big cliffhanger.' Really, I just wanted to see Finn dump Meredith's bitch ass and move on with life, stay on the show and get involved with a character who I don't hate. But it looks like I'm going to have to suffer through more of that pathetic Derek/Meredith shit that I LOATHE. And that was a huge disappointment.

When the hell did Christina become Jewish? And Asian's can be Jews? Wha?? Obviously, people can be any religion they want, regardless of their ethnicity, but a Korean Jew? Really, that surprises me.

But, there were some good things. One of the best things about the episode was the storyline which involves Alex. I know people hate him, hell, I Hate him most of the time, but I love to hate him, and more importantly I love to see the progression that he makes as a character. I can't remember if he's ever actually said anything about growing up, though I do seem to recall him admitting that his childhood was not easy. Justin Chambers got a really bad haircut, though. It makes me sad. I really wanted him to just snatch the baby up himself. Illogical, no doubt, but still.

And, Miranda kicks ass. That is all. Wait, Lorreta Devane!!!! MARLA!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! BOSTON PUBLIC MUST BE PUT ON DVD! Oh, and Izzy bugs me now, even if the last moment did make me feel good. Okay, really, I'm done. Overall, season 3 is off to an interesting start, but slow. Too slow for my taste.

I tried to watch six degrees. I gave it five minutes. It did not hold my interest, so I ran away.