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Let's just forget that, okay? I realize now that since I will only have one character at Hellbound as of tomorrow (precious Tristan shall leave... *sniff sniff*), I really don't need to wake up early under the pretense of doing some writing. Besides, work seriously tires the fuck out of me, and if I can stay in bed for an extra half hour, then I will damn well do it!

I found out yesterday that beloved Blaine has a myspace. My respect for him has taken quite the dip. I felt like quoting Sideshow Bob, albeit changed for context, 'My Space's wretched web has claimed even Blaine! Farewell, sweet Blainey...' the best part was? He may have gotten it. Maybe not. The boy didn't even know that Dick Clark had a stroke. How could you not know that Dick Clark had a stroke? It just seems wrong not to know that Dick Clark had a stroke. Unamerican even. But being Unamerican can be a good thing.

Last night I picked up Gilmore Girls season 6 and Mariah's Greatest Hits. Then I went on over to EB and got Tekken 5. Why? I don't know, I was in the mood for some cheap fighting action, in case I don't want to play the DS. I also pre-ordered FFIII for the DS, which I neglected to do the other day. Then I walked over to Wal-Mart, where my mother spent a good 45 minutes doing nothing but walking around. And yea... missed General Hospital, which makes me sad. But I can soapnet it on Sunday, which makes me happy.

The bitch was like 'I need you on Saturday and Sunday for the yard sale!' Please, woman'll just end up getting hammered and falling asleep or something. To appease her (and not have to deal with her drunken shit), I'll be out there for a little while. Now that I have my nice new DS, I can play that while ignoring people. Good times.