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Nintendo owns my soul...

Just got back from Gilroy. The first stop was, as expected, Electronics Boutique. I tell them that I want my Wii pre-order, dammit! Sadly, they cannot give me a pre-order because they do not know how many they are going to have. This makes me sad. So, I pre-order the games, because I can pre-order those. Pre-order Twilight (the guy said that I should think about the cube, just in case. I said if I didn't get a Wii on day one I'd just fling myself off a cliff so it wouldn't really matter...), Marvel Ultimate Alliance, the collectors version of FFXII and Justice League Heroes... and... children of Mana for the DS.

Yes, that's right good people, I went and bought a DS lite today. It became obvious that I needed one when I realized they would not release the navy blue version anytime soon. It was there, taunting me. I wanted it. So I bought it. I bought that and New Super Mario Brothers and Super Princess Peach at EB. Then, I realized that I wanted Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, which I did not purchase. So, I went to Target and got that and Mario Kart DS and the guide for New Super Mario Brothers, becuase I'm a guide whore. I went to Gamestop to see if they had the guide for Mario and Luigi, they did not. They did, however, have a carrying thing with extra styluses and whatnot.

All in all, I spent about 400+ dollars today. I invite people such as girltype to do the same, since they have 18 hour plane flights to look forward to. I have to wait till 5 for my DS to charge. Bah.