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Oh, Sony, you amuse me!

Stupid ass Sony. They cut the production of the PS3 on launch day by 75% over here in the US. That means that there will be less than half a million consoles available on day one. What the hell are they thinking? 400000 systems. Count the bastards who are just going to buy the fucking thing so that they can hock it on ebay (a smart idea, but seriously, those people are EVIL and should just die), and you've got what? About 5% of the people who want the system who can get it? Yeah, that's a good way to get some loyalty, isn't it? Bad enough you've lost about 23093209403950943% of your respect by pricing the fucking thing at 500 dollars for the 'simple' system, and add in the fact that the production run of 'simple' to 'full' systems will not be even, you're just screwing yourself over. Don't get me wrong, I'll still get a PS3... eventually... but it won't be because I love Sony, it'll be because I love Square. And if Square should decide to just dump your asses and return to Nintendo full time? Well, guess where I'm going?

In other news: Roseanne season 5 and Grey's Anatomy season 2 are mine! I also managed to buy Surfacing, because it was there at Best Buy. It wasn't two weeks ago when I looked, but it was today, so I got it. Yay, non-live version of Sarah songs! Happy! I spent another 95 bucks there. I'm so glad that I'm getting paid on Friday. I NEED the money. Even if it's only going to be about 200 bucks, that's still enough to tide me over till the next check, which is the big one. I have to give 100 of that off the bat to my parents so that they can stop bitching about my credit card bill and how I need to pay it, but the rest? Well, not counting the money I'm going to save... SPENDING CASH! Wee!

It was funny, this girl was like 'I see you in here all the time...' and I said 'yup, I'm here every Tuesday for DVDs.' But in October, as of this moment, there are NO box sets that I need to buy that are new. I have to buy the second season of He-Man and the first part of the second season of Thundercats, but I've got all the stuff that I need that was from the backlog. This is good news.