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Shinhwa is love!

Yesterday, I listened to Summer Vacation in SM Town 03 (the good one!) and damn, I love that era. That was SM town at their FINEST. I was amazed that it actually worked in my stereo. Usually that thing is a bitch about playing CDs. DVDs it has no problem with, but CDs? Its a big old baby about CDs. Then I tried to play Shinhwa volume 5, Perfect Man, and that didn't work. Proving my theory correct.

Right now I'm listening to volume 6 on the computer. I would listen to volume 5, but it's a special CD where if you put it in your computer it loads up a program and shit. I don't want to deal with closing out. That takes too long.

And to think, this all started because I used Junjin as a character model. But it was damned hard to find good pictures of him. He has bad hair now, and you know how I feel about the bad hair. I'm pathetic. Seriously. PATHETIC. But I'm okay with that.

My mother has made a whole 11 dollars from the garage sale over the past two weekends. Given how many hours that she's spent sorting out crap and whatnot, I'd say she makes about 25 cents an hour. But she's proud for some inane reason. We don't ask questions. Stupid bitch ate my sandwich yesterday! ARG! But, at the very least, there has been no football played today. The chargers don't play until tomorrow. Funny, given that she'll have to sacrifice RAW. Ugh. The pain of tomorrow will be great.