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An IMMENSELY bad idea. Oddly enough, my phone, which I just charged last night, has already lost a battery. Good job, phone! But, since I'm calling about my withdrawl from the university for the semester, I really do need to tough it out. In other, semi-related phone news, my father was like 'you should try and get Verizon out here, we have a Verizon tower like two feet away from the house!' And this is true, so, with renewed hope for a better future, I call Verizon. Turns out they can't do shit because my phone is in an AT&T area and they can't cross over because that would be illegal. Damn phone laws that I don't understand. Dad tells me to call AT&T, so I do. On hold for 30 minutes, no answer. I hang up, because I don't put up with that shit.

And to think, I still have to call the financial aid office. Oy to the vey.