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Chances of happiness are slim!

I have returned! Actually, I got back to the parents' house last night, but was too tired to really think about updating anything. So, as you can see, odds are really, REALLY high that I won't be going to school for a semester. There is still a chance that I could get a call, and then I would have to REpack everything that I have already UNpacked... which sucks. I hate packing shit, I hate unpacking shit, I hate doing it all over again! HATE HATE HATE!!! But if they call, I'll do it, because dammit, I really do want to go to school. Not so much that I'm willing to do anything, like sacrifice my own personal comfort, but aside from that, I'm pretty adamant about the whole going to school thing.

And so I stand here, well, not really standing. I stay here, on this horrible internet, in this wretched house where 5 people came within the first 30 minutes of us being home, and at least another 5 came before I went to sleep. I couldn't even walk through the fucking kitchen, it was that bad. Very, very maddening, especially when you have to walk through the kitchen to get to your room so you can put your shit back, knowing that it will probably stay there for 5 more months!

My dad swears that he will get me faster internet to make me happy, but the only internet I can get out here that isn't dial up is Satellite, and that shit is EXPENSIVE. 100 dollars a month, plus like 200 just for the equipment, and you need to pay that for 15 months. I cannot do that to my parents. Not without feeling extremely tainted. I wish there was a simplier solution, but I highly doubt that there is. This is the line I walk, desiring something, but not at the cost of something else.

Being in Chico was a lot like passing by Disneyland, you're SO close to freedom and fun, but you just keep on going and going. Apparently, I filled out my application for housing on May 1st, when I was SUPPOSED to have it done by April 4th, hence why I was put on the waiting list. Sucks, and that was entirely my fault, so I can't blame anyone else.

There are not only negatives, though. I mean, look at this list of good things that come from me being home:

I get to attend Lily's birthday party later today, or I might be able to, depending on if I can find a ride.
I get to go to Ventura with my family and see the family that I like this weekend.
I might get to do the boardwalk, because I want to do the boardwalk and stuff.
I get to see the babies grow up. Usually, they are born while I'm here, then I go away for 3 months and they're like 'who the fuck is this person and why does he smother us so?' That won't happen this time, which is pleasant.
I can spend ALL the money I saved up for school, because... I ain't going! DVDS!!!
I can go back to work and make MORE money for NEXT semester!!!
I'll be here for my father's 50th birthday, as opposed to being at school and unable to do much of anything aside from giving him a call.
I get a month off of doing damn near nothing but writing and playing video games and watching television.
I can probably get my job back, or at least work at the place I worked before, for about twice as long, more than likely full time, and then I can make MORE money!
With this money, I can once more go to Disneyland over Spring Break next semester, this time, I may attempt to get my friends in on it instead of my parents. Fly out of Sac to Anaheim, spend a few days there. Fly from Anaheim to San Jose, get picked up here by the rents, spend some time here... maybe. A nice theory, for certain. And I WOULD stay at the Disneyland hotel!!! Or die trying...
But, most importantly, my grandmother is pleased that I am staying home. This is really all that matters. Gotta make the grams happy, yo.

Still, I'm a little bit sad. Not a lot, just a smidge.