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No more obligation party for me!

Stupid ass drunkard, in one of her many fits last night, declared that I had been disinvited to the stupid party thing. Actually, she said that I didn't have to go last night. So I thought about it. There's a chance that I could see a cousin who I ADORE and haven't seen in a long ass time. Small chance, but it is still there. So, I thought I would take it. But no, now I have been disinvited truly to the thing because I don't like her side of the family. This much is true. She told my father that I should learn to keep my mouth shut, which made me laugh. *I* should learn to keep my mouth shut? What about her? Anyway, now I have some free time on my hands. Or I might. I bet I'll still get dragged to the fucking thing, though now I'm not so weary of it. If said cousin is not there, and I go, I will be very, very upset. But as of right now it looks like I ain't going.