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Remember how last week I was number 8 on the stupid waiting list for a fucking apartment? Now, I'm number 7 on the stupid waiting list for a fucking apartment. And the fucking waiting list for the fucking apartment fucking ends today!!!! Ergo: SET DON'T GOT NO FUCKING PLACE TO LIVE FOR HIS LAST FUCKING SEMESTER OF FUCKING COLLEGE!!!! Now, I have to look for a fucking roommate or fucking roommates and deal with not living somewhere that is quiet and that I love. Plus, lets be honest, where I lived was PERFECT for me. Everything was protected, it was damn near impossible to break into the room because of the fact that the doors were all nice and fancy and had those cool locks that they have. So, now, I can take all my shit (and I have a lot of shit...) to my place, and have some idiot break in, or have roommates who I DON'T FUCKING KNOW decide that they want to swipe my shit. And so now I'm looking at ads in the Chico paper, and people are like 'roommate must be friendly,' so I'm out of that one.


Great way to start the last fucking day I have working, isn't it?


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Aug. 11th, 2006 07:42 pm (UTC)
um .... fuck?

I think you are friendly! I mean, you're not all "come play with my toys" but you're not MEAN. Post your own ad "roommate must have no interest in my life"
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