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No, not really. But, my parents are going gambling today, so they'll be gone most of the day. Mmm hmm. Interesting, ain't it? Best part is that they didn't try and drag my ass along with them. I HATE THAT SHIT! So, I'll be all alone for most of the day. Not that I didn't have plans of my own or anything... oh, no. Of course I didn't have plans of my own, since I never do.

I shall finish watching Everwood, for I have been remiss in my Everwood watching ness. Only have two more episodes to go. Watched one last night. Good shit. Then, I'll put a dent in the Simpsons, maybe. Or maybe watch some He-Man, since I haven't done that in a long time. Or Thundercats... or House, or Grey's. Or maybe I'll just go and watch season 5 of Gilmore Girls. Or maybe do some writing. One never knows.