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Sooooooooooooooo good!!!!

Garlic Festival with girltype. Her first time at the Garlic Festival, and we've, at the very least, decided that there is no way in hell that we're going in the middle of the day again. Seriously, it took us a good 30 minutes just to get from the start of the street to the place where we parked. And where we parked was another 10 minute walk from where the festival actually was! I didn't even see what was formerly the cool Playground, but at the same time I was not looking extremely well. I also did not see anybody who knew me, which was a good thing. And, I GOT TO EAT THE CALAMARI!!!! SO GOOD!!!! SO SO GOOD!!!! It cost 6.50, but that shit was WORTH it. So worth it. I also bought the harpy some stupid little faery thing. Because she gave me 55 dollars and told me 'I want two orders of Calamari (13.00) and 4 sticks, 3 chicken 1 beef (19.00) and then buy me something shiny and pretty!' That means I had 20 bucks to buy her something shiny and pretty. Garlic Festival crafts have a minimum of over 20 bucks... ergo, she did not give me enough money to buy her anything shiny and pretty. So, I had to spend some of my own money to give her something shiny and pretty. Damned woman.

Before that, though, Vanessa and I watched some videos. We youtubed the new Janet Jackson video. Song and video are pretty crappy. Nelly is in them, and the video is just damning. Horrid. I'm still getting the album, but that song? Not feeling the love. We youtubed Michael Jackson meeting SMAP... that thing was AWKWARD!!!! They were all like 'we... cannot... speak... Michael... Jackson... is... here...' Plus, I watched the SM Town vid, Red Sun. Pointed out the TRAX and Fatty, which makes us laugh. She burned the vid, Key of Heart and some other random videos... but she burned them on a DVD-r, which doesn't work on my computer. It DOES work on my dvd player, but the SM town video was not shown... so I cry. But I will be back at school in two and a half weeks (VICTORY!!!!) and I can get them myself. In the meantime, I can watch key of heart on my big screen whenever I want.

Then, after the Garlic Festival, we hit up the best buy and I renewed my rewards zone card and got the Simpsons season 4, which was no longer on sale. I was able to use my 5 dollar gift certificate, which made me happy.

All in all, good times!