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And this is why I *love* living here...

Apparently, one of my parents' old friends, and former boyfriend of my coined Aunt, Auntie Debbie... it's one of those honorific Aunts, as opposed to blood Aunts. It really isn't that complicated. The whole 'first cousins of parents are considered Aunts/Uncles' thing is a wholeeeeeeeeeeee lot more complex. Incidentally, I don't have any honorific Uncles. Wait, yes I do. One of them is dead. He swallowed a bag of cocaine, or something. The other will soon die. I might have some more... BACK to the point... man blew himself up making the meth. Apparently, he isn't dead. I thought he was. He probably will die. See what I go through?

In other news: My cousin, Cassandra, is in town for a little while because her grandmother died. Not the grandmother that we share, because if that were the case I'd basically be wearing nothing but black and crying for the rest of my life. But, in losing the other grandmother, she currently has this 'I want to be with my family' kick that should last about a week. I might see her tonight. Might not.

Happy Friday indeed.