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Upon examination...

I've realized that I never once bought a single MALE singer's album when I was listening to American music. No, seriously... I own all of Janet Jackson (sans design of a decade and anything that came before Control), which is... like 6 albums. All of Madonna up to Confessions (didn't get that), which is like 10. TLC. Alanis. Mariah. Heart. Pat Benatar. Michelle Branch. Those are the artists who I own an album of. I'm a guy, yet all my albums are by females. I mean, if you take into account my kpop purchases, I at least have some males in there, but we're talking English. Even now, I find myself knowing that if I were to buy any more english albums by other artists one of the strongest contenders would be Kelly Clarkson, though I would not be against buying Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas or Nickelback. I don't want to buy any of those albums at the moment, but if I were to buy, that would be who I would be likely to buy. WAIT!!! I HAVE MICHAEL JACKSON!

Oh, wait...


In other news: I'm embracing my inner Taylor Hicks and going prematurely grey. I have TWO grey hairs now, and they are very visible. I want to weep. Seriously. I want to weep.