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Danse Macabre is finished!

But, on the whole, I was let down by the book. Yes, I love Anita, I love the style of writing that Laurell gives, but on the whole I wasn't feeling much. There was nothing about Anita's job as an animator, nothing about her job as a preternatural expert. Those things are minor, overall. They're not the big reasons why I loved the series so much, but together they meshed quite well and made me love it more. Now, it was just smut and preternatural stuff. Good preternatural stuff, for the most part, but still preternatural stuff.

Overall, I'd give it anywhere between a 4 and a 6. Damn, I'm pretty harsh these days. Oh well, that's the way the ball rolls.

In other, completely unrelated news: I've only watched the first four episodes of Everwood season 1, but I love that shit. When Edna blew up the kissing bridge, I seriously had my mouth agape. Good times. I want the other seasons to come out, but I know that they won't. More people need to buy them for them to release them, or more people need to complain. I'm going to put money on the complaining.

Still more unrelated news: I find myself desiring to write normal stories, ditching the people with powers aspect I usually have. Alas, I can't find much of anything worth my attention. This is the way that it normally goes. Where's a fucking college game when I need one? High school be damned!